The Story of the 2011 White House Ornament: Part 2

The reverse side of the 2011 Theodore Roosevelt ornament is a colorized scene of the family’s discovery of Archie’s hidden Christmas tree found in a seamstress’s closet in 1903.

Reverse of the 2011 White House Christmas ornament showing the Theodore Roosevelt family with a Christmas tree

The discovery of the tree, defying the president’s ban, was a popular Christmas illustration for a story that ran in Ladies Home Journal underscoring the simplicity of the Roosevelt family’s Christmas decorations and the president’s conservation ethic. Holly and candle motifs from that article inspired the design of the ornament’s gold plated brass frame.

Illustration of the Theodore Roosevelt family surprising the president with a Christmas Tree at the White House

If you missed it, read part one on the design of the 2011 White House Christmas ornament, and if you haven’t ordered it yet, there is still time to take advantage of free standard shipping.